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ching i▓mprobable last-minute bids for the nomination.But amid the turbulence,▓ the White House hopefuls often▓ found themselves fighting on well-trodden terrain, particularly over whether▓ the party shou

ld embrace a sweeping "Medicare f▓or All" program or make more modes▓t changes to the current healthcare syste▓m.Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachuse▓tts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the field's mos▓t progressive voices, staunchly defended Me▓dicare for All, which would eliminate private insurance coverage in favor of a government-ru

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n system."The American people underst▓and that the current healthcare system is not only cruel — it is dysfunctional," Sanders said.Former vice president Joe Biden countered that many people are happy wi

ht's f

th private insura▓nce through their jobs, while May▓or Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, comp

lained about other candidates seeking to take "the divisive step" of ordering people onto uni▓versa

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l healthcare, "whether they like it or not."Democrats successfully campaigned on healthcare last year, winning co▓ntrol of the House on a message that Republic

ans were slashing existing b▓enefits. But moderates worry that▓ Medicare for All is more complicated and may not pay the same political dividend. That's especially true after Democrats won elections earlier this month in Kent▓ucky and Virginia without embracing the pro▓gram."We must get our fired-up Democratic base with us," said Senator▓ Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. "But l▓et's also get those independents and moderate Republicans who cannot stomach (Trump)▓ anymore."The fifth Democratic debate un▓folded in Atlanta, a city that played a central role in the civil righ▓ts movement, and the party

's diversity, including two African American candidates, was on display. But there was disagreement ▓on how best to appeal to minority voters, who▓ are vital to winning the Democr▓atic nomination and will be crucia▓l in the general election.Senators Kamala Harri

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er hours of ▓test

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s of California and Cory Booker of New Jersey said the party has sometime▓s come up short in its outreach to black Amer▓icans."For too long, I think, can▓didates have taken for granted constituencies▓ that have been a backbone of the ▓Democratic Party," Harris said. "You sho▓w up in a black

church and want to▓ get the vote but just haven't bee▓n there before."Booker declared, "Black voters ▓are pissed off, and they're worried."In t▓he moderators' chairs were four women, including R▓achel Maddow, MSNBC's liberal darling, and Ashley Parker, a White House reporter for The Washington

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Post. It was only the third time a pri▓mary debate has been hosted by an▓ all-female panel.Buttigieg — who ▓was a natural target given his recent ris

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